Well, it’s official, I am a HORRIBLE blog keeper, but between getting ready for exams, working, and sponsor hunting, I never had much time to go on the computer and make up a post-worthy blog post. However, now that exams are all over and the pageant is coming up fast, I’m going to get right on to blogging, except of course when I have to work. I really should get caught up to all the other girls!

This blog post will not be a very cheerful one though, as I’ve been following some politics and I have found out the following things have happened in our world as of today;

  • Turkey: A peaceful protest which started to protect a park in Taksim turned into a whole chaos because of police’s brutality. People started to protest against government and PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Police is using guns, water tanks and gases against people.
  • Brazil: Massive Nation-Wide protests and riots caused by, among other factors, monetary focus on the World Cup and Olympics instead of the well-being of the populace
  • Venezuela: Massive protests and riots caused by unjust elections and violation of democratic rights
  • United States: Texas state law passed despite being voted on after a deadline and being protested by both the people and a state Senator. Protests at the senate growing, and law enforcement called in. – The Voting Rights Act of 1965 has been declared inert in the US i.e people of color can be barred from voting.
  • United Kingdom: Government will ban Church of England and Church of Wales from offering same-sex marriage.
  • Greece: Trans*people and sex workers are being rounded up in concentration camps
  • Russia: Government creating anti-homosexuality policies threatening the safety of all LGBT*Q Russians. Never mind that the President Vladimir Putin supports the recent ban on same-sex couples being able to adopt Russian children, too.
  • New Zealand: Gay marriage legalized and everyone has a chance at life.

I know politics can be very boring to read about in a blog post, but these things are actually bothering me, except for the New Zealand one but New Zealand is technically considered the most free country in the world right now. People who have worked so hard to get rights are seeing them stripped away, more money is going to events than to the help the population of a country, peaceful protests have turned into utter chaos because of people meant to preserve and enforce the law who took things too far, and in a state in our neighbour to the south, the rights of minorities and women (who shouldn’t be considered a minority) to vote can be taken away. Honestly, I may only be sixteen, but I know the difference between right and wrong. And the most of the things happening in our world right now are far from being right or good or just.

I could rant on for hours about how much I’d like for the world to change. For how I wish that people could be treated equally no matter what their gender/gender preference, race, sexual orientation, how much I wish that basic human rights were not unceremoniously taken away from people, and governments would not infringe upon those basic rights. But wishing fails to do anything. It is not by sitting around and waiting for things to change that anything has ever been accomplished, it is by rallying against unlawfulness, by coming together as nations to improve the world that things get better.

We are lucky enough to live in Canada, a nation that, although is not perfect, somehow manages not to resort to violence often to resolve conflicts, and is a nation that is known for our peace-keeping efforts around the world. If we came together to incite a change, who knows what would happen?

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