Okay, so it took me a ridiculously long time to figure out how I could make an ad for personalized towels interesting to all ages. I went through tons of ideas, but the best one I had was to go through all ages until adulthood. What do I mean, you ask? Well, I mean make the commercial like a timeline. Start out at around 6 years old and then create it in a way that would stretch to 25-30 years old.

So, I’d begin the commercial with a group of about six little kids running around outside in a big backyard with adults (who are obviously the parents) sitting around an in ground pool, the kids all pretending to be superheroes with various coloured personalized bath towels tied around their necks

Imagine something like this but with really little kids and names on the towels instead of stars ( credit to www.mightykidsmedia.com )

like capes, each towel embroidered with a different name. The kids would be chasing each other, shrieking and laughing as they tried to catch one another, the parents half heartedly yelling at them to be careful, but really just laughing and talking to the other adults as that Simple Plan song Summer Paradise played in the background (which happens to be the song that would play the entire commercial) .

That part would only take a couple of seconds, and then it would fast forward to the same group (as one would infer anyway) minus the adults a decade or so down the road as teenagers approaching a beach front in a topless jeep, just like you see in the cheesy spring break or summer romance movies, with one of the girls standing up and holding her personalized towel up above her head, it whipping behind her in the wind. They all get on the beach and throw their towels into a pile, and rush towards the water, starting to splash each other, yelling and one of the boys would throw the girl over his shoulder and toss her into the water. They’d all be yelling at each other and running around, almost like they did when they were little kids minus all of the capes.

I imagine it something like this except more like I had described (credit to www.masterfile.com )

Then it would fast track to being sunset and everyone being wrapped up in the towels and sharing them with each other around a campfire on the beach. Not quite done yet but I’m getting to it hang on now!

Finally, fast forward another couple years, and that same group of teenagers is all grown up all with kids of their own. The very last part in the commercial would be almost the same as how the commercial began, except the adults would be helping their kids tie their own personalized bath towels around their necks so they could all pretend to be superheroes too. The commercial would end with the adults all smiling and laughing as they watched their kids do the exact same thing that they used to do as children. I’m aware of how incredibly cheesy this probably sounds, but most commercials are these days. Besides, I think it would be really cute and fairly easy to film. The hardest part would probably end up being picking the part of the song to soundtrack it to and editing all of the shots together to be 30 seconds. Actually I know pretty much nothing about the way commercials are put together so it’s probably a lot harder than what it sounds!


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