Well, this took me a very long time to decide on. My dream vacation? Hmm… I’ve never officially been on a vacation or planned one, but I’ve certainly thought about many. Who I’d bring, what we’d do, where we’d go, whether or not there would be a romance…… Just kidding, my life isn’t exciting enough for that to happen. But seriously, I have never been outside of Canada, and the farthest from Ontario I’ve been is Saskatchewan. So having an opportunity to WIN a trip somewhere with S-Trip?! That’s beyond amazing.

In case some of you don’t actually know what S-Trip is, here’s a little bit of background information; For over 35 years S-Trip! has been a leader in student travel providing life-changing trips to over 40,000 students annually in over 40 destinations around the world. S-Trip! travelers are encouraged to become global citizens; opening their eyes to new cultures, languages, and experiences. Recently named Profit Magazine’s 25th fastest growing company in Canada, and recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte and CIBC, S-Trip! is a leader in student travel in North America. Find out more at www.s-trip.com.

Cancun, Mexico. Credit for picture goes to www.newsvistas.com

Now, considering that this trip would most likely take place in winter sometime, of course my destination of choice would have to be somewhere warm. I love the sun, beach weather, sand and flip flops of course, I also love exotic places and places I know that I’ll be able to try new things along with old familiar ones. So, my dream destination would probably have to be Cancun, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico! I’m well aware as it’s reputation of being a spring break spot that a lot of people go to, but that’s part of the appeal to me. It has white sand beaches, and you can go explore ancient Mayan ruins (and let’s be honest, I AM a history fanatic).

If I had to choose, there are actually four friends that I would absolutely love to go on vacation with, Valerie, my friend since junior kindergarten, Jenna and Kerr who I’ve known since grade 8, as well as Allie who I’ve been friends with since the summer going into grade nine. They’re my closest friends, and we’ve all wanted to go on vacation together for a while. Although Jenna’s a year younger than the rest of us, we’ve actually been planning our grad trip along with her since the beginning of grade 9! Although they probably wouldn’t be as interested in the ruins and history of the place as I am, this is my dream vacation so let’s pretend!

There are so many things I would plan to do on this vacation! Let’s say we went up  for a week, and we got a stroke of luck so it was sunny and warm out every single day we were there, and none of us got jet lag or sick or anything. The very first day after arriving at our hotel and checking in, we’d all get changed and definitely head down to the beach! I’ve never actually been in the ocean before, and 3/5 of us have been, so for Val and I it would be an entirely new experience! After that we’d probably crash a bonfire on the beach or something and make some new friends to hangout with while down there, then head back to our rooms for the night.

The next day, we’d have a day packed with things to do, beach in the morning, go shopping (being careful not to blow all of our money of course), lounge around at the hotel for a couple hours getting food and making sure we didn’t get heat stroke, then at sunset we’d go horseback riding on the beach (in the most non-romantic way I can make that sound). For dinner, we’d probably end up heading to the hotel for a show (if there was one that night) and then back to our rooms again.

El Meco ruins, credit to www.tripadvisor.com

The third day up there would probably be my absolute favourite  out of all of the days because that would be the day we would get to go explore the Mayan ruins, preferably at El Meco instead of the ones by the hotel zone, as El Meco is much more interesting and has more still there. We’d get to go and explore a bit, as well as tour around with a guide so we didn’t get lost. I’d try and learn a bit about the history of the place, and then we’d go back to the hotel and then to the beach. That night we’d probably go into the city for supper and find a nice place to go.

The remainder of the week would be filled with beach time, spa time, scuba diving on the second largest coral reef in the world, snorkelling, and anything else we could find to do! My friends love the beach, and if they can find a show to go to they would absolutely love it as well, and as for me I’d just love every second of it- I’ve never been out of the country so just the experience of going there would be incredible! So, that’s my dream vacation! I would love to win the grad trip that S-Trip! is donating, it would be absolutely amazing!

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