You know some history of Canada correct? Well if not you should have because you know, we all had to take grade ten history at some point! Anyway, although the attraction in my area is no Niagara Falls, it happens to draw people from all over the place seeing as it’s the birthplace of the thirteenth Canadian Prime Minister… Yep, you’ve got it, in Ontario, in Grey County, there’s a little village called Neustadt. It’s not very big, with a population of less than 600 people, however is one of Canada’s top ten prettiest villages. It also happens to have been the birthplace of Canada’s thirteenth Prime Minister, John Diefenbaker.

Although each time I went to go and try to see if I could go look around inside it was closed, the house itself is beautiful and clearly extremely old. In all honesty, the house almost looks abandoned with one plate of glass missing from a back window and the broken cellar. I went and took some pictures around the house, and happened to be tall enough I could point my camera inside of the broken window to get a glimpse of what was probably the kitchen of the house way back when. On the very front of the house, a plaque was placed there reading ” THE RT. HON. JOHN G DIEFENBAKER. John George Diefenbaker, the son of a local school-teacher, was born in this house on September 18, 1895. A distinguished parliamentarian, he was first elected to the house of commons in 1940 and served as thirteenth Prime Minister of Canada, 1957-1963.” ¬†

I was quite disappointed that they actually don’t have a schedule of when it’s open or anything, just a “Sorry, we’re closed!” sign up in the window. I was really looking forward to looking around because I’m a total history dork, I love to see historic sites and read about events that happened way back when, but I especially love looking at old houses and things like that. However, the outside of the house was really nice and the gardens seemed to be well looked after, there was even a blackberry bush at the side entrance of the house. ¬†Unfortunately right now, I’m not sure how to resize my photos to make them small enough to be able to be inserted into this blog post, so we’ll have to go with some other ones! ¬†All in all, Neustadt really is an adorable little village, but I wish I could have gotten to see inside of John Diefenbaker’s home.

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Terrific post Selena. Its technically perfect, fun and easy to read. I’m a histroy nut too. Too bad we cant see your pictures. – figure it out. I re size images using Microsoft office accessories / paint shop. Overall well done.,

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