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First of all, thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you keep me on your radar, as I will probably end up posting a couple times a day after I get this introduction post finished! I’ve always been horrible when it comes to those dreaded “tell me about yourself” questions, whether in school, on the internet, or an interview. So, I’m going to try and make this as exciting as possible, because in all honesty I’m a pretty boring person. My name is Selena Wand and I’m Miss Teen Grey County World 2013! I’m currently fifteen years young, turning sixteen a month from now. I’m from a small town called Hanover, which really isn’t all that small when, I come to think of it. My town marks the border between Grey and Bruce counties, and most people around here have a little habit of saying we live in Bruce. Although I live in Hanover, I go to Sacred Heart High School in Walkerton, and am in grade ten.

I have a love of reading and music, however I also love sports. I’ve played in Walkerton’s minor hockey league for three years now and just finished the season last month, sadly not placing in our district tournament. I am a very quiet and reserved person around people I’m not familiar with, but once you meet me and we become friends, I’m actually very talkative and friendly. I love to meet  new people, and I’m never scared to strike up a conversation with someone I’ve just met, which might be why  I have friends from all over Ontario, and a few from other provinces, especially now that I’ve competed in our Ontario Pageant, which by the way, happened to be simply AMAZING. Simply having the experience of that pageant was outstanding, but the shock of hearing my name being called as one of the finalists? That was crazy. There was no way that I was expecting to hear myname be called, hence why I looked around for a second after hearing it, realized it was me, and THEN took a step forward! I’ve always had struggles with my self-esteem, so you can’t even imagine the confidence boost that hearing my name as one of the 18 young ladies from Ontario heading to nationals!

I’m proud to be the first young woman to represent my town and county at this pageant, since as you can see, there are no previous year winners from my area. My platform is Suicide Awareness and Prevention, which is something that means a lot to me and happens to have a lot to do with where I live, but I’ll get into on another post. I’m very dedicated to this pageant, but between work, school, homework, and making time for my family time can slip away from me and I can get disorganized. But, I always seem to get back on track and get things together, even if it isn’t always right on time (you can ask my teachers, even they’ll tell you that), which is why I was so late on this post. I’m unbelievably excited for nationals this summer, and cannot wait to get there; I swear, July can’t come fast enough!


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